6 Reasons Plumbing is Your Calling

You might have heard your grandparents say ‘invest in a trade.’ You might be an avid fix-it-yourself kind of person who’s worked on your own home before. You might be someone looking for a stable income, a long-term career, and a stable environment. If any of these apply to you, you are probably looking for a job in plumbing. Plumbing is an occupation as old as time, and one that offers benefits beyond a paycheck as regular as your bowel movements. Check out below our top 6 reasons why plumbing is your calling!

1. Social Interaction

Being bored stuck in a windowless office all day drains the soul, doesn’t it? Fortunately, with plumbing as your occupation, you never need to worry about whiling away the hours while you play Tetris on the desktop. If you like social engagement, plumbing is a fantastic way to chat with new people every single day; when you enter someone’s home, you get to learn about them while helping them. What’s better than that?

2. Consistent Work

We often hear the saying ‘everyone always needs doctors.’ Well, there’s a doctor that operates on your house, and it’s your plumber! Plumbers are crucial to modern society’s infrastructure, as every single building on earth needs some form of plumbing. You can always expect a need for your services when you’re a plumber.

3. Lower Debt

Students in America typically graduate with thousands of dollars of student loan debt. By comparison, the plumbing trade turns new employees out with little to no debt. After your schooling at a trade or community college, you can expect to launch into a paid internship and graduate with a career already in the works.

4. High Pay

While a good plumber will never have extravagant rates, be comforted in the knowledge that you’ll always make decent money in the trade. On average, skilled plumbers earn between $20 – $30 an hour, which means you’ll never be sweating your finances.

5. Opportunities

Feel like opening your own business? Go for it! With plumbing as your trade, you’re free to open up your own company. As long as you’ve got the skills, plumbing will back you up when setting up your own business. If you like your current role, consider instead going for the master plumber certificates, becoming a foreman, or learning how to manage projects.

6. No More Bills

Possibly the best advantage to being a plumber is, well, you never have to call a plumber! The security of knowing that no problem is too big for you to handle is plenty of validation for why you should consider plumbing your calling. What can beat the satisfaction of being able to fix your issues with your own two hands?

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