6 Key Areas to Maintain in a Commercial Property

If you own a commercial property, then you know that the property has much heavier traffic than a residential area. The plumbing needs of a commercial property vary based on the property size and usage. Restaurants, hospitals, clubs, etc. will have constant water usage. It also depends on your location. Las Vegas attracts millions of tourists each year which means there is heavy traffic at most commercial areas. This means that plumbing must be properly maintained at all times as a plumbing issue can cause serious damage to the property or harm to the patrons.

The Overall System—Have Regular Service Checks

When you purchase or build a commercial property, it is important to have your plumber install all of the pipes, waterlines, and fixtures you need. All plumbing fixtures need to be of good quality so that they will stand the test of time. After the initial repairs, call your plumber to regularly schedule service checks. The best way to fix a plumbing issue is to address it before it becomes a problem. Preventive maintenance will save you money and headaches in the future.

1.) Leaky Pipes

Normal wear and tear will cause pipes to leak and drip water from time to time. It is important to always check pipes to make sure there aren’t any rips, tears, or holes in the system.

2.) Toilets

It is important to check toilets to make sure they are in proper working order. Commercial properties have many toilets which means there is a lot of water flowing and usage. When toilets are not in working order, not only can this upset your patrons, but it can also be a potential threat for damage to your establishment.

3.) Silent Leaks

Silent leaks often occur with toilets and water pipes. These pipes are not very noticeable which lends itself to the name, “silent.” A spike in your water bill will usually alert you to a leak. However, when you own a commercial property, you’re used to high water bills. A plumber can provide water leak detection services and will be able to recognize and address silent leaks.

4.) Drain Pipes

Drain pipes remove water from the property and transport it outdoors to the sewer. Drain pipes can get clogged with leaves, branches and other debris. Sometimes, obstructions can get into the pipes and damage them. These pipes should remain clear so that your plumbing can continue performing optimally.

5.) Water Line

Your main water line is like the lifeline of your plumbing system. This should be checked by a plumber regularly, as water line damage can wreck havoc your property. Failing to do so could be disastrous for an investment property.

6.) Ceilings and Sinks

These areas give telltale signs of water damage. If you notice water dripping from the ceiling or wet spots under the sink, then you could have a plumbing issue. Contact a professional plumber right away to have the issue resolved.


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