6 Common Plumbing Problems in Mobile Homes

Having a mobile home can be exciting, but just like any house there would be problems to take care of, especially in plumbing. To handle plumbing emergencies, you have to know the most common plumbing problems that come with mobile homes. Knowing these will eventually help you in fixing plumbing problems on your own and you wouldn’t have to call on the plumber.

  1. The faucet is dripping.

When the faucet keeps on dripping, you have to anticipate an annoying night of hearing the sound, not to mention having a larger bill. You don’t want to waste water, do you?

When washers become torn, stiff, or dislodged, there would be a trickle of water that would come out of the faucet, despite you turning the tap off. Replace the washers and check the valve seat. Use ceramic taps than rubber washers.

  1. There is low water pressure.

You have low water pressure if the water that should be gushing only trickles. There could be low water supply as well, but it could also mean that sediments have formed in the faucet aerators.

Look for a good filtration system that would take care of the sediments. Clean your faucet aerator regularly, or use faucets with aerators that could be easily removed. To clean bathroom faucets and showerheads, on the other hand, attach a plastic bag with vinegar in it so that you could do away with any clogs.

  1. The toilet keeps running.

This happens when the flapper valve does not work. Replace the valve instead. You also have to replace the fill tube and float apparatus. You would know that your toilet has a leak by checking if the water in the upper tank does not change color.

  1. The pipes are leaking.

This needs an easy fix, which could be done by buying joint fillers for your pipe. If the trouble is complex, have the pipes replaced entirely. You could also use a leak tape or a rubber sheet to fix the leaky pipes.

  1. The drains are clogged.

This looks disgusting and if it’s not attended to, could cause disease to you at home (think of murky water overflowing into your sink). Use muriatic acid to melt any clogging elements. If this doesn’t work, use air pressure to push the clogging object down to the pipes.

  1. The garbage disposal is jammed.

A garbage disposal can be unjammed using the key that comes with it. If it doesn’t work, use a wrench to do the job and free the motor. The wrench and the key should be able to work after this.

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