5 Tips to Keep Your Steam Room in Top Shape

After a long, tiring day at work, a visit and a quick stay in the steam room provides a very rewarding experience. Steam rooms are ideal for people who want to soothe their aching muscles after a workout, cleanse their body from toxins, burn excess fat to lose weight, refresh the air passageways, or simply to relax and refresh a tired body. These facilities are a staple at health clubs and spas because of the therapeutic benefits that they offer.

Nowadays, personal steam rooms installed in homes are becoming a trend. However, one concern that people tend to overlook in having their own steam room is the tedious task of cleaning and maintaining it. Since a steam room constantly operates on heat and moisture, it becomes a breeding ground for dirt, grime, and bacteria; not to mention that it is prone to sustaining damages and breakage if not maintained properly.

Here are some tips in keeping your steam room in top shape.

1. Regular and thorough cleaning is a must for every steam room. The surfaces accumulate sweat thus, together with the room’s warm and moist environment, bacteria can easily develop and grow. Schedule a day for cleaning the steam room, once a week if possible. Thoroughly rub the surfaces with an antibacterial solution, especially the corners and the tight spaces, and rinse well.

2. The heating mechanism and the water nozzles are also easy targets for mold and grime build-up. Since they can be made from different materials, check with the steam room manufacturer as regards to which cleansers and cleaners are safe for your steam room heating equipment.

3. Always check the steam room for cracks in the surfaces and the joints. If a crack is found, seal it using a silicone sealant to prevent molds and grimes from developing. If the crack is too big, have it immediately checked and repaired by a plumber.

4. A big contributor to steam room maintenance is proper usage. Use only the steam room when needed, and according to instructions. Turn off the heating mechanism if you will not use the steam room for a long period of time.

5. Steam rooms come with shutoff devices and thermostat control sensors. Make sure that these components are not tampered or damaged. Have a plumber check on these components at regular intervals (once a month should be fine) to make sure that they are working properly.

Having and maintaining a steam room in your home can be hard work, plus it can be a little pricey. With proper care and regular maintenance, however, a steam room can prove to be a good investment. Have your steam room regularly checked and inspected by a trusted plumbing company like Sin City Plumbing to ensure that it’s always in top shape. With years of plumbing service expertise, Sin City Plumbing is the perfect plumbing company to take care of your steam room, and all your plumbing needs.

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