5 Secrets to Make Your Tap Water Colder

Warm water from a cold tap in the summer is a frustrating experience. Many people just run the tap longer, hoping it gets cold, but the water continues to run warm while the bill runs up. In the end, it wastes energy, water, and money. Learn some tricks to make your tap water colder, and eliminate warm water issues from a cold tap in summer.

Why Are You Getting Warm Water From a Cold Tap?

Many newer homes have switched from the old metal pipes to new plastic cold water pipes. While these are less expensive, they’re also cheaper in design and don’t have the same level of insulation that older pipes once had. Worse, they often run through the attic, which makes them heat up and cause your cold tap water to run warm in the heat.

Other issues that result in warm water when it should be cold include intermingling pipes, where the hot water pipes cross over the cold ones and cause them to warm up. Intermingling pipes cause loose valves, improperly installed heat traps, and even damaged cartridges can occur. 


How to Make Your Tap Water Colder

First things first: Running the tap longer rarely solves the problem. It wastes water and runs your water bills sky-high. It’s also not a very eco-friendly solution. It’s better to take a more permanent approach. First, turn off the water near the sink and take steps to assess the problem.

Feel the pipe to see if it’s warm. If so, you’ll need to trace back to see where the issue begins. Most times, it happens near the sink, but if it goes deeper, you might need professional help.

Next, check the cartridge. Every modern faucet has a cartridge where the water is diverted before coming out of the tap. If the cartridge is damaged, hot water flows into the cold tap. Unscrew the faucet and check the cartridge. If it’s damaged, replace it.

If the cartridge is fine, try tightening the valve with a pipe wrench. In fact, you should perform regular maintenance that involves valve tightening. After you take all these steps, turn on the water and see if it runs cold as it should. If it’s still not working right, you will need to dive deeper into the plumbing, which often starts at the water heater, and observe where it runs from there.

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How Calling the Pros Solves the Problem

Even basic plumbing is intimidating for many people, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Calling the professionals ensures that the plumbing in your Las Vegas or Henderson area home functions correctly every time you turn it on. At Sin City Plumbing, we will fully inspect your pipes, fixtures, and faucets and get to the solution faster. If you’re wondering how to make your tap water colder or are experiencing warm water from a cold tap in summer, let us check it out. Contact Sin City Plumbing today to learn more.

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