5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Licensed Plumber

Air Condioner Repairman ThumbsupEveryone has had that leaky faucet or that clogged drainage they thought they could fix. If not yourself, then you might have let your local Henderson/Las Vegas handyman take a crack at it. However, it still pays to hire a licensed plumber. Most of the time, it is costlier to hire a pro, but it’s certainly worth it. Here’s a look at five reasons on why you should go for a licensed plumber.

1. Professionals plumbers are very well-trained.

Licensed plumbers are trained in the latest techniques and methods on well, plumbing. Before they can acquire their license, they are required to have relatively advanced knowledge on math and mechanics, to mention a few. Furthermore, before a plumber can turn pro, they are required to undergo countless hours of apprenticeship on various aspects of plumbing — from installing  pipes and plumbing equipment to simple and advanced repairs.

2. You’re less likely to encounter fraud.

 If you are going to let an unknown individual inside your house or establishment and let him/her tinker with stuff that you paid for, it’s best to have some assurance that you won’t be a victim of a crime. Licensed plumbers in general need to pass a background check, file a name of business, and have proof of commercial liability insurance. And since licensed plumbers are being regulated by a governing body, they are likelier to possess a more professional work etiquette.

3. Licensed plumbers offer insurance.

Commercial liability insurance by definition is a standard insurance policy that businesses have in order to protect them from liability claims, which includes bodily injury or property damage while doing fieldwork. If you are getting some plumbing work done in your home or establishment, you are assured that you are not liable in case of any unforeseen accident that happens to the plumber you are working with. This takes some weight off your shoulders, just in case.

4. You are guaranteed quality workmanship.

Have you ever had that problem wherein your recently repaired toilet is broken again after a week of being fixed? If you haven’t, then you are very lucky indeed. If you have, then hire a licensed plumber the next time you have a broken toilet. This is because in case the initial repair did not work, then at least you do not have to spend extra money on getting it fixed again. Licensed plumbers, more often than not, have a work guarantee since they are answerable to a state board. If something breaks down again, just give them a call.

5. You get peace of mind.

Peace of mind comes when you are assured that everything is in good hands. Hiring a licensed plumber makes sure that the money is you spend isn’t going to go down the drain.

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