5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber In Las Vegas

Las Vegas plumbers are easy to find, but finding a great plumber you can trust can be challenging. Be sure to have questions ready before contacting a local plumber. Prepare yourself as well by researching things about plumbing and plumbing services. Plumbers prefer to deal with people who know their business.

For a start, here are five questions to ask before hiring a plumber in Las Vegas:

1.) “Are your charges hourly or per job?”

Plumbers consider three factors – location, timing and job. About “timing”, check the time of the year when plumbers are busy. Plumbing winterization season is an example of when it is expensive to get a service, so try to do plumbing when it’s summer or it’s off-typhoon season.

For charges, here are the figures. The latest stat says its $170 to $470 per job. Per-hour rates range from $45 to $150. These figures represent the average rates.

2.) “Do you charge for overtime? If yes, what is your overtime rate?”

Plumbers are entitled to be compensated for overtime work, but it depends on the law of the city where they live in. In some cities, additional pay is charged for hours of work rendered beyond 40 hours. Discuss this with your plumber. Also, go to Google to compare prices of parts. Plumbers would also like to know if customers have access to cheap but quality parts.

3.) “What type of guarantee do you have?”

What kind of guarantee does the plumber have? Will they take care of problems resulting from their work? There can be sanitation issues, leaking pipes or flooding after the project.

Will the errors be taken care of by their men if they occur even after three or four months? For some households, the nightmare can begin long after the job has been done. Few plumbing companies do it the hard way to satisfy customers.

4.) “Have you worked on this type of project before?”

It’s good to know their experience – and that covers fair fees and the assurance that they will do the job right. If they’re relatively new, think twice. One step to do is to ask for names of people they worked with before. Are they ready to give you even just one name? If not…. you have a problem.

5.) “What’s the deadline?”

Once they see your plumbing issue, ask for the deadline. Make sure they are definitive about it. You want your problem resolved on time and within the budget allocated for it.

Sin City Plumbing Service

If you’d like to learn more about what questions to ask a plumber, please don’t hesitate to call Sin City Plumbing at702-431-6502. We will do our absolute best to address any concerns you may have that are related to plumbing.

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