5 Plumbing Tips for Apartment Tenants

If you live in an apartment, you have to keep in mind that plumbing concerns usually start small – failing to maintain water pipes, regardless of their application, could create a domino effect, causing problems across separate units and floors. To avoid such dilemmas, you’ll have to keep these five plumbing tips in mind:

  1. Tackling a Loose Valve

If a valve handle is loose, tighten the screw holding the handle in place. In some faucets, it’ll be necessary to remove the metal button to find the screw. If tightening just don’t seem to work, the stem might already be worn, especially if it’s just plastic. To tighten a worn stem, wrap it firmly with Teflon pipe thread tape and slip the handle back over it.

  1. Getting Rid of the Leak

For leaks, shut off the water valve that leads to the problematic pipe. Afterwards, turn on the faucets to drain the water left in the pipe. Wipe the pipe with a cloth, and make sure it’s completely dry. Now, use a knife to put epoxy on the leaking area. Then, completely cover it rubber. Tighten a clamp down on the rubber and wait for an hour. Use water-resistant tape to cover the rubber after it has dried.

  1. Solving Clogged Sinks

To unclog your sink, use a plunger and hold it upright. Plunge it approximately ten times in strong strokes. You can also pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by half a cup of white vinegar to produce an acidic reaction. If these two methods don’t work, straighten any wire and allow it to bend down the drain. Try pulling things out or pushing down the clog.

  1. Having the Right Tools

Knowing how to do and fix common problems won’t be enough if you don’t have what you need for the repair. That’s why you’ll have to invest in a basic toolbox. Having a tubing cutter, a basin or pipe wrench, a plunger, and a hacksaw in it can make a difference whenever you need to troubleshoot the plumbing. Besides, you’ll be able to use them in other repair tasks.

  1. Know When to Get Help

For major problems, it’s better to consult the professionals. While there’s a chance you might succeed in tackling such issues, there’s also a risk that you’ll end up making things worse. Well, finding a reliable plumbing and maintenance company shouldn’t be too hard, now that you can find everything online. Of course, visiting a nearby firm is always an option.

If you’re not too keen about searching but you need help right away, know that we Sin City Plumbing & Maintenance LLC offer different plumbing services. Contact our crew at 702-431-6502. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (even holidays).

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