5 Major Plumbing Problems in Old Homes

Often, old homes are cherished because of their vintage charm and charisma. However, all the charm and charisma may be for a hidden price, and you are likely to deal with old pipes and antique fixtures. If you live in an old home or are planning to move into one, get ahold of the house’s drainage and plumbing diagram to tackle the plumbing and renovation problems as early as possible. Some of the major plumbing problems experienced in old homes include:

1. Water Pressure Problems

Water pressure problems are common in homes with poor maintenance and old plumbing systems. Old houses can also experience plumbing problems because of copper water pipes and old galvanized steel. With time, pipelines become corroded and clogged because of built-up deposits.

The low-water-pressure problem never gets better and can make everyday tasks a big hassle. Moreover, water pressure problems potentially affect the operation mechanisms of essential home appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

fixing shower head pressure

2. Bad Repairs and Improper Installation

An old home often experiences challenges that require plumbing repairs and replacements. As much as you might be diligent on the installations and restorations, there is no guarantee that previous owners were. It is possible that some of the repairs were either from DIY projects or done by unqualified personnel with little knowledge of what they were doing.

These poor repairs include unsafe water heaters, unsecured pipes, and poorly-installed sink traps. Unfortunately, the only way to ensure these problems are correctly rectified is by referring inspections and services to a professional plumber.

3. Piping Issues

There is a chance that the piping materials used in older homes have, with time, become worn out and defective. As these pipes age, they cease to be functional and cause leaks and blockages. Piping issues affect their ability to transport water throughout the house and sewer lines. With time, these piping issues lead to clogs and may accumulate waste.

Changes in the water pressure, water quality, or discoloration are signs that the pipes have served their time and need to be replaced. These usually indicate that the lines are corroded, or there has been a release of minerals through them. Moreover, it is difficult to protect an old home from blockages due to years of soap scum and sewage.

4. Old Fixtures

Nothing is going to last forever. General wear and tear and corrosion result in broken knobs, leaks, and restricted water flow. In addition, old and worn-out fixtures can make simple water usage an inconvenience at best and an expensive disaster for the worse. Repairing these issues as soon as they are noticed helps to avoid adverse future problems and difficulties.

With time, they not only become complicated but are also costly to repair and may also need additional repair materials. For this reason, it is best to have a professional plumber inspect the condition of your home’s plumbing system and ensure that the order is restored.

tightening drain with tool

5. Problems with the Drain

The most common plumbing complications in any household are clogged pipes and drains. Decades of built-up debris from dirty water lead to the drains clogged, causing real issues in the plumbing system. If you notice slow drains, weird smells from drainage systems, or a backed-up toilet or sinks, ensure you seek services from a reputable and professional plumber immediately.

Some of the signs that the plumbing in an older home has been damaged are:

● Puddles

● Corrosion

● Foul smell

● Discolored water

Anyone living in or moving into an older home should ensure they conduct a periodic check to make sure all is in order.

water spraying from sink on plumber

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