5 Easy Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Bathroom maintenance is more than just scrubbing the tub or the toilet. It also needs to be checked for plumbing issues. You may not know when any of your bathroom fixtures will suddenly stop working properly – and that could seriously mess up your day. Sure, you might be able to live with not being able to take a shower before work, but plumbing problems could lead to structural damages in your home. This is why maintenance is crucial.

The problem is that a lot of people out there have no clear idea as to how they should be checking for any possible damages in their bathroom. If you want to maintain your bathroom in shape and avoid costly repairs, try these five easy bathroom plumbing tips.

1.Let hot water run down your pipes at least once every week.

There is a chance that things such as clumps of hair or other impurities may be clogging your pipes. Therefore, the first thing you should do as a preventive measure is to let hot water run down the pipes to make sure that these impurities are removed

2. Check your faucets regularly.

Believe it or not, one of the most given bathroom plumbing tips is to never forget to check your faucet because there is a bigger chance of them getting damaged before your pipes.

3. Place strainers in your shower and tub drain.

This will prevent solid materials that can possibly block the pipes such as hair. This will relieve you as well from taking them off from inside the pipes with your hands!

4. Remove mineral deposits.

There are mineral deposits which might be building up in your shower head. These can be easily taken care of by putting vinegar in a plastic bag and placing that on the shower head. Keep this bag in place using a twist tie and let the vinegar just stay there and do its job overnight. When you wake up in the morning, take the vinegar off and wipe off the mineral deposits with a clean cloth.

5. Avoid putting hygiene products in the toilet.

Cotton balls, makeup pads, diapers, and other personal hygiene products are not supposed to be sent down the drain through your toilet. You might think that the toilet pipes are big enough to take paper waste, but they are not. Chances are that they will clog your toilet quickly if you continue this bad habit.

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