4 Tips on What to Do If You Have a Flooded House

sincity_floodedhouseA flooded home can be an inconvenience that involves pricey repairs.  The best way to avoid this is to do regular maintenance checks and spot signs of leaks.  If it gets into the unfortunate predicament of having a flooded house, there are still ways for you to prevent extensive damage and more expensive repairs.  Remember these 4 quick tips on what to do if you have a flooded house:

  1. Respond quickly and find the source of the water leak

If your home is likely to be flooded after a heavy rain, it is crucial to respond quickly.  You need to check the affected area and switch off the fuse if electricity is running in the flooded area. Don’t forget to contact your homeowners’ insurance company too.  If this is covered in your insurance policy, you can be spared from some financial burden.  If possible, determine where the water is coming from to stop it.  Do this before you start cleaning the area.

  1. Remove water-damaged items and the water

Make sure to remove any items that have been damaged due to the flood and let them dry. But do not attempt to touch or move any electrical items that have been in contact with water. From there, you can start cleaning by removing the water first. Do not hesitate to ask for professional help from a mitigation company if you think that the flooding is too severe for you to handle.

  1. Let the air circulate

Allow air to circulate as soon as possible by running the dehumidifier or turning the fans on. For better results, open the doors, windows and closets as well. You may also leave the central air conditioning running, but only at a low temperature, to help in pulling out moisture out of your home.

  1. Clean, dry the area and spray with Disinfectant

Mop up the remaining water until there is not much left. Leave the fans running and the windows and doors open to dry the area. For the fans, it is best to leave them running for one to two days until the floor gets completely dry. Afterwards, you can start disinfecting each room to prevent the formation of mildew and mold, which are likely to happen due to the flooding. Spray disinfectant on the walls and floor for one to two days for best guarantee.

These are some steps you can do when your house gets flooded. But if you do not want to deal with this again, it would help to consult with a professional from Sin City Plumbing, so you can take preventive measures and install features to make your house flood proof.

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