4 Reasons Why You Should Use the Sauna

Some 2000 years ago, the sauna was invented in Finland. Since then, it has been a way of life for the Finns. The earliest forms of sauna were pits dug in the ground, which were used as dwellings during the cold season. Eventually, these saunas were constructed above ground using wooden logs. They called these saunas “savu”, which means smoke in Finnish. A fireplace is found inside the sauna, which is used to heat the rocks. When the rocks become super-hot, water is poured over them to produce steam. The sauna is not equipped with a chimney, so steam is trapped inside. It takes half of the day to heat this type of sauna.

When the room is hot enough and the smoke has cleared, it is ready to be used by the bathers. Later, saunas used metal wood-stove heaters with chimney.

Sauna was introduced to Americans in 1638 by Finns who settled in the state of Delaware. With the invention of the electric sauna stoves in the 1950s, sauna became more accessible to people. Today, sauna is considered by many as part of the American tradition.

Benefits of Sauna: 

1.) It improves blood circulation.

When the body is exposed to heat, blood vessels widen. This leads to better blood circulation.

Increased blood circulation helps improve joint movement, relieve muscle soreness and pain from arthritis.

2.) It improves skin conditions.

Sauna increases the body’s temperature, which leads to profuse sweating. This leads to the movement of some toxins from the body.

The increase in blood circulation brings more nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This leaves the skin moisturized and looking healthy.

3.) It promotes mind and body relaxation.

The sauna is a great place to relax. It helps relieve mental fatigue and stress.

The increased temperature and humidity of the sauna also helps in diffusing pain and relaxing tired muscles.

4.) It promotes weight loss.

An average session can burn at least 300 calories. Regular sauna with exercise and a healthy diet will help you lose excess weight.

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