4 Biggest Plumbing Myths: Las Vegas Plumbing Company Shares

The Loch Ness Monster may not be living in your pipes, but that doesn’t mean plumbing myths don’t pertain to you. Myths spread like gossip, and homeowners are susceptible to neighbor’s ‘tips and tricks’ which they swear will get your garbage disposal running like new, your water pressure improved, and that disgusting smell out of your bathroom. We want to flush your system of the untruthful things you may believe about your home’s plumbing and are here to share what you should about the four biggest plumbing myths.


Citrus Peels Being Safe for Your Garbage Disposal is a Plumbing Myth

They might make your kitchen smell pleasant for a while, but the myth of putting citrus peels down your garbage disposal to improve an odor is actually rather harmful. Garbage disposals aren’t meant to break down anything and everything in the kitchen, and hard items such as peels rarely pass all the way through. Over time, these can mold and increase any foul odors. To get a clean-smelling garbage disposal, use a cleanser approved for plumbing fixtures and properly scrub out the sink with a long-handled brush. Make sure to turn off the disposal before wiping it and never stick your hand down there!


Creaky or Banging Water Heaters are Not an Immediate Plumbing Concern

Water heaters have a lot resting on their shoulders. Between showers, hand washing, and appliances they circulate gallons of water a day. With all the water flowing through, it’s natural to have some sediment form inside the tank. As the water heater works, the sediment may become disrupted and creak or groan. While this might seem like a cause for alarm to many homeowners, the truth is it’s not immediately dangerous. If you find your water heater is regularly making noise, drain the tank completely and clean out any sediment.


Household Items Such as Wire Hangers are Damaging to Your Plumbing

Something designed to hang clothes in your closet shouldn’t be involved in your plumbing, but we get a surprising number of calls related to homeowners using wire hangers to unclog pipes. Yes, technically it will work in an extreme pinch, but the rough edges of a bent wire hanger will scratch and potentially puncture your pipework. This plumbing myth is dangerous because it’s not 100% wrong but will inevitably lead to added costs down the road.


Fact or Myth: A Sink is Perfectly Fine as Long as it Drains

Plumbing myth number four is potentially the most dangerous for homeowners. Just because something goes down the drain doesn’t mean it’s permanently gone. Slow draining, periodic backups, and a clunky garbage disposal all point to an impending clog. Whether it’s hair or banana peels, eventually your plumbing system will clog up with foreign objects if they’re continuously put down. Avoiding the dreaded clog by being careful to keep foreign objects from flushing away. If you do find yourself with the telltale slow drain, don’t hesitate to call a plumber. Contact Sin City Plumbing for all your emergency plumbing needs!w

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