3 Ways to Fix a Leaky Pipe

When it comes to a pipe leak, you want to contain it as soon as possible. Leaks can cause incredible damage inside your home. They may warp flooring, furniture, and walls in just a few minutes. Fixing a leaky pipe takes a bit of know-how but most often can be handled by a DIY enthusiast. Even if you aren’t able to 100% take care of the problem immediately, containing a leak long enough for a professional emergency plumber to arrive can reduce the damage spread significantly. Check out these three ways to fix a leaky pipe!

Pipe Wraps: Versatile and Foolproof Leak Repair Kits

Every homeowner should have a pipe wrap kit in their home. This versatile leak repair kit can be found at nearly every home repair store. A pipe wrap works on a pipe’s leak similar to the way an elastic bandage works on a human’s wound. It’s a flexible material that you wrap around the leaky section of the pipe. Once applied, they harden into a nearly impenetrable patch. The downside of pipe wraps, despite being a wonderful tool, they aren’t necessarily intended for long term use. While they may stop the leaking it’s still a good idea to have a trusted plumber come to assess the plumbing.

A plumber with an orange and black toolbox fixing a leaky pipe

Pinhole Pipe Leaks Are No Match for Pipe Clamps

Smaller leaks are well contained using pipe clamps. This $5.00 tool is known for being used in a pinch on high-pressure areas such as ships or airplanes. A pipe clamp is a metal sleeve with a rubber lining. On small pipes like under sink pipes, this sleeve can be wrapped around the pipe itself and secured with two screws. The rubber acts as a stopper and the screws keep the metal sleeve in place, ensuring pressure remains blocking the leak. While pipe clamps will not stop a burst pipe or a large leak, they can be a quick and reliable fix for pinhole leaks.

A plumber with an orange and black toolbox fixing a leaky pipe

Fixing Your Leak with Either Epoxy Putty or Paste

In the hardware store, you’re likely to see both epoxy putty or epoxy paste touting leak-fixing abilities. Both work well to fix pipe leaks! They’re different textures, but both work the same way. By smearing the malleable epoxy on a small leak, you temporarily plug the water up. Within a few minutes, the epoxy will harden and adhere to the pipe semi-permanently. It seems like a miracle cure but epoxy is only meant to be a temporary repair. It will do a great job of plugging the leak while you wait for a trusted emergency plumber to come and take care of the source! For more home remedies or plumbing related tips contact Sin City Plumber.

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