3 Common Floor Drain Issues

sincity_drainissues1Floor drains are simple features at home that surprisingly cause major problems when not attended to properly. Usually placed on the ground floor, in basements, or the garage, these are used in both commercial and residential buildings to drain water. However, people somehow neglect them, which can lead to trouble. Here are 3 common floor drain issues to be watchful of.

1. Common Debris and Traps

A typical mistake for many homeowners is letting food particles and small and large debris go down the drain, as this can cause clogging. Even if it is accidental or intentional, these materials will eventually clog pipes.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to do your best to have these materials thrown out or not put them in toilets and sinks. If the pipes are already clogged and you want to get an easy solution, it is best to call a plumber so that the professional can clean all the individual drains. The plumber will follow these steps: First the plumber will undo the sink trap. Then he will remove the debris and clean the trap using clean water and a brush. Lastly, the plumber will put the trap back with a new washer so that it can prevent leakage. If the blockage is beyond the trap, there are some chemicals that he can use.

2. Wet Basement and Bad Odor

The plumbing system that is composed of twisting, turning, and even intersecting pipes, usually leads to the city sewer system. Another one of the top drain issues is a wet basement. This problem also leads to an unpleasant smell inside the home because the floor drain is clogged.

To fix this, you have to know the cause. Usually, the pipes need to be snaked to the street. Also, a possible cause of bad odor could be a full septic tank. Better have your tank drained and the pipes snaked to stop the unwanted smell of raw sewage.

3. Pipe Crystallization

A more serious and costly trouble that you can have with floor drains is pipe crystallization. This can cause major overflow and overall drainage problems. When water or other fluids flow through the pipe, they leave traces which later dry to leave sediments behind. As these sediments build up over time, the pipes are clogged and the fluids cannot flow smoothly. Your plumber will have a special tool that works well with this problem. This tool has a blade that can cut through the crystallized matter.

These are just 3 of the most common floor drain. It is best to maintain your floor drains by preventing unnecessary debris and substances go down the pipes. Remember to keep a regular cleaning schedule with a plumber as well.

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