12 Must-Have Plumbing Equipment for a Better Toolbox

Every homeowner should have a basic plumbing tool kit for emergencies. Having plumbing equipment around could save your home from severe damage until you contact a professional. We put together a list of essential tools to keep in your plumbing tool kit.

12 Items to Have in Your Plumbing Tool Kit

This list will put together a great starter plumbing tool kit; it ranges from introductory to intermediate knowledge. 

plumber plunging sink

Multiple plungers: When it comes to plungers, one size does not fit all. You’ll want a flange plunger for your toilet and an old-school cup plunger for your sink or bathtub.

Wrenches: Get three types of wrenches: first, an adjustable wrench called a “monkey wrench.” These can be resized for different widths of hex nuts. Next, get a pipe wrench used to adjust threaded pipes and fittings. Finally, have a basin wrench, a T-shaped tool for loosening and tightening sink nuts.

caulking around tile

Caulking gun and caulk: A caulking gun allows you to place a sealant, or caulk, around cracks. For example, standing in a tub causes gravity to stress the caulk sealant – sometimes prying it open. Having ready-to-use caulk will prevent water from getting trapped where it can grow mold. Caulk doesn’t last forever, so you’ll want to update this every so often.

Hand auger: Also referred to as a “snake,” use this tool on drains in tubs and showers to grab and pull out tough clogs that a plunger won’t clear. 

3 different types of pilers

Pliers: You’ll want multiple sizes and styles of pliers. Use needle-nose pliers for smaller fittings and large pliers called channel locks for larger fittings.

Hacksaw: A hacksaw cuts through metal or plastic. It’s ideal for pipes, bolts, nuts, hardware, and screws. Keep some spare blades handy since they wear out going through metal.

Washers and O-rings: It is critical to have replacement washers and o-rings for your equipment. Keep a collection of many different sizes.

black electrical tape

Tape: You’ll want several kinds of tape. Duct tape is an excellent tool for any home tool kit. Get electrical tape to insulate electrical wiring when necessary.

Ratchet and socket set: Tighten and loosen nuts and bolts of various sizes using a ratchet and socket set. Pro tip: Get one that has metric and imperial measurements.

Plumber’s putty: Plumber’s putty is an easy-apply putty that creates a water-resistant seal. It’s easier to use than duct tape, faster, and ideal for low-pressure concerns while you call the professionals.

different colored plumbing rags

Rags: Don’t use the nice dish towels. Buy rags at your local hardware store, or use torn-up old T-shirts and jeans. Rags become necessary when the mess starts to build up.

guy with orange gloves fixing sink pipe

Gloves: A plumbing problem can get messy and sometimes even caustic. A good, solid pair of work gloves is crucial to any tool kit.

Keep Your Plumbing Strong With Professional Help

When you have a plumbing disaster, turn off the water, do what you need to stop the flow temporarily, and know that professionals are always available to help. When your plumbing problems become overwhelming, contact Sin City plumbing.

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