10 Simple Summer Plumbing Tips to Save Money

Summer has arrived and it’s the perfect time to clean your drainage and pipe systems after the winter and before summer kicks in.

Here are 10 tips that will help you save money on plumbing services.

1. Start with the basic repair by checking your faucets for leaks or drips. Doing so will help you save on your water bills.

2. Inspect the toilet bowl and tank for leaks or cracks. To check for leaks on the toilet tank, put a few drops of food coloring and check the bowl if the color appears. You should see the tint within half an hour if there’s a leak.

3. Soap, hair, and other debris can clog your drain lines. Use strainers on all drain holes to prevent it from happening. It’s also good practice to pour at least a gallon of water into drains that you don’t frequently use to prevent bad odors.

4. Valves tend to stick if they’re not exercised because of rust and debris buildup. Make sure you turn them at least once a month.

5. Water heaters are electricity vampires if left unchecked. Setting it higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit wastes power and might lead to scalding.

6. If you have been using your water heater for more than 15 years, you might want to consider replacing it. Go for newer heaters which are more energy efficient.

7. Check the toilet flush if they are functioning properly. If you have to hold the handle down or jiggle it to stop the water flow, some parts of the tank may have worn out and may need to be replaced. They’re quite inexpensive but the water savings will be significant.

8. Exposed pipes under your sinks and in your basement are more subject to wear and corrosion than hidden and covered ones. Check them frequently for leaks and drips.

9. Backflow valves prevent sewer backups which are common in some areas. Installing one will prevent sewage water from getting back to your drains.

10. Pipes that were frozen during winter can crack. Check along the pipe lines and replace them if necessary. Also make sure that downspouts and gutters are open, clean, and debris-free.

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