10 Plumbing Myths

sincity_mythsToday, there are lots of plumbing misconceptions that are floating around. These misconceptions or myths are being passed around from one homeowner to another as some sort of household type of wisdom. Although some of those myths are partially true and in some small way helpful, most of those myths can be very harmful and may cause severe damage to your plumbing system.

Here are 10 modern plumbing myths and the truth behind them, to help you gain valuable knowledge about the proper maintenance of your plumbing system and save you from the possible cost of having it repaired in the future.

1) Putting lemons in the garbage disposal keeps it clean and smelling fresh.

  • FACT: Although putting lemons in the garbage disposal does help in keeping it smell nice, lemons have an acidic quality that may corrode the metals in your garbage disposal, thus causing damage.

2) Hot water can melt down grease.

  • FACT: Yes, hot water is very helpful in removing grease from pots and pans, but it’s a different situation for your drain. Hot water does not effectively remove the grease that sticks on the insides of the pipes. Even worse, once the hot water cools down, it can harden the grease into thick coatings that can cause piping issues.

3) Leaking faucets are not a big problem.

  • FACT: Although dripping or leaking faucets don’t seem to be a big problem, they can be very troublesome. Leaking faucets are one of the most common plumbing issues and should not be ignored. Leaky faucets can lead to large water wastage in the long run and can cause damage to the faucet itself.

4) If it can fit down the drain, then it’s fine.

  • FACT: Just because you saw it go down drain doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Some food leftovers such as rice, pasta, and bones can get stuck in the pipes and cause buildups that can eventually cause blockage.

5) Plumbing requires little to no maintenance.

  • FACT: Although it may take years before a major plumbing issue arises, it is recommended to have regular maintenance scheduled to help prevent those major issues from coming up.

6) Ice can freeze the disposal and cause problems.

  • FACT: Actually, ice is a highly recommended cleaner for your garbage disposal as part of regular maintenance.

7) It’s normal to experience low water pressure from time to time.

  • FACT: When experiencing low water pressure, it is highly recommended to immediately check your plumbing network for leaks and other damages.

8) It’s okay to flush down hair down the drain.

  • FACT: Although hair seems to be too small to cause any trouble, it can build up in the pipes and eventually cause problems.

9) It’s okay to flush down disposable wipes.

  • FACT: Disposable wipes don’t completely disintegrate, and they can slow down and clog drains.

10) Snakes can’t possibly come out from drains.

  • FACT: Although highly unlikely, snakes and other small animals CAN come out from drains. These incidents can be prevented by adding special traps and valves to your plumbing network.

Please consider these plumbing myths to prevent plumbing issues. If you need residential plumbing repair or replacement services immediately, Sin City Plumbing can help. It is our mission to give all of our customers premium plumbing services.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We treat our customers like our friends and family, and plan on having a lifelong relationship with you our customer.

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