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Avoid Pressure Vacuum Valves Leaks for Good

Extreme heat in Las Vegas Valley is what comes to mind when people think of our weather. What people don’t realize is the winter temperatures often drop well below freezing. These extremes often catch unprepared homeowners by surprise. One of the unpleasant surprises is when their Pressure Vacuum Valves break. This happens because the valves are above ground allowing the water inside the valve to freeze causing it to break.

What are Pressure Vacuum Valves and why are they needed? A typical residential water service has one connection to the public water supply. From there the water supply branches out two directions, one to the domestic water supply for the residence for drinking/household uses and the other to the irrigation system. One of the risks with the irrigation system is cross contamination to the potable water system of the home. A Pressure Vacuum Valve prevents this.