10 Plumbing Myths

sincity_mythsToday, there are lots of plumbing misconceptions that are floating around. These misconceptions or myths are being passed around from one homeowner to another as some sort of household type of wisdom. Although some of those myths are partially true and in some small way helpful, most of those myths can be very harmful and may cause severe damage to your plumbing system.

Here are 10 modern plumbing myths and the truth behind them, to help you gain valuable knowledge about the proper maintenance of your plumbing system and save you from the possible cost of having it repaired in the future.


No More Backflow!

Backflow is the reverse water flow in pipelines causing contamination in the public water supply. This usually happens when the server or the customer’s property lines have disproportional water pressure creating a suction effect that backflows contaminated or non-potable water to the main pipe.

Backflow prevention devices are installed to reduce the risk of contaminating the main water supply. Basically, there are three popular ways to use backflow preventers. These are: 1) to reduce the risk of flooding in the basement, 2) to keep sprinkler systems safe to use, and 3) to prevent backflow in the heating boilers.


3 Common Floor Drain Issues

sincity_drainissues1Floor drains are simple features at home that surprisingly cause major problems when not attended to properly. Usually placed on the ground floor, in basements, or the garage, these are used in both commercial and residential buildings to drain water. However, people somehow neglect them, which can lead to trouble. Here are 3 common floor drain issues to be watchful of.


Redesigning Your Bathroom For The Elderly

alohahr_bathroomelderlyIf you have elderly people living in your house, or if you’re going past your prime yourself, then considering customizing your bathroom to be more accommodating to elderly residents should only be natural. Not only would these bathroom renovations make it easier for the elderly, but it would also make your bathroom safe, comfortable, and accessible to all, no matter what age.

Out of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom poses the most dangers. There are situations that could happen in your bathroom, ranging from slipping on the moist bathroom floor tiles to the worst-case scenario of finding a ghost in the bathtub with you as you relax, à la low-budget horror movie.


Avoid Plumbing Issues This Summer

sincity_plumbing-sink1Summer is a great and fun time of the year. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and life, in general, is exciting. However, the rising temperatures, frequent cookouts and having more people in the house, can cause a multitude of issues for the house’s plumbing system. Unexpected and costly plumbing problems can be a major downer and ruin your summer fun if not dealt with promptly.

While plumbing issues may not readily come to mind in anticipation of summer, it is incredibly beneficial to prepare for the unique plumbing issues that the season brings. Here are five most common plumbing issues and tips on how to avoid them this summer:


Choosing Plumbing Fixtures for Your Home

sincity_fixtures_lasvegasPlumbing fixtures are specifically designed to transport water to and drain materials from the water tank or supply. Common plumbing fixtures seen at home are bathtubs, bidets, showerheads, kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets, and the like.

Having the right fixtures are necessary to promote the cleanliness and efficiency of water delivery system in your home. Without these tools, you might find yourself with persistent plumbing problems.

In order to help you maintain the effectiveness of your water drainage and plumbing system, here is a guide in choosing plumbing fixtures for your home:


Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Spring-Plumbing-TIps-SINCITY-PLUMBINGThe cold winter may cause damages to your plumbing fixtures that may easily go unnoticed until the warmer weather of spring comes. Plumbing problems suddenly become very noticeable as the weather starts to warm up.
Spring is usually the time for the yearly ritual of cleaning and freshening up homes. It is also the perfect time to do an annual maintenance of the house’s plumbing system. Doing so protects homes against various plumbing problems, reduces water consumption, and lowers utility bills.