5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Licensed Plumber

Air Condioner Repairman ThumbsupEveryone has had that leaky faucet or that clogged drainage they thought they could fix. If not yourself, then you might have let your local Henderson/Las Vegas handyman take a crack at it. However, it still pays to hire a licensed plumber. Most of the time, it is costlier to hire a pro, but it’s certainly worth it. Here’s a look at five reasons on why you should go for a licensed plumber.


Top 5 Common Plumbing Problems During Winter

The plumbing system supplies your family the daily dose of water that you need. You must have water for yourselves, for the plants, for cleaning, and for other purposes. Your plumbing system in the house is very much essential during any season of the year.


Plumbing problems may occur throughout the year but it can most likely happen in the winter season since freezing and icing are already involved. To guide you, here are the top 5 common winter home plumbing problems that may occur during the cold season.


What Your Pipes Are Telling You

Plumber man with tools in the kitchen. Plumbing and renovation.Pipes are not one of those fixtures around the house you would focus your attention on because you don’t always see them. However, when your pipes at home start making weird noises, it’s about time to give your plumbing fixtures a full check-up. Your pipes might be telling you that something is wrong with them. Below are some translation from pipe language to layman’s term and how to act on your pipe’s issues.


Saving Water and Energy with Thermostatic Showerheads

Cold Shower WomanThe Earth is made of 75% water and only 25% land. Of this 75%, not more than 1% is fresh water or that which is meant for human consumption, leaving the entire populace a big task in conserving this resource. In this regard, there is a need to recalculate every institution’s water consumption. Every effort in conserving should start in the peripheries of every family’s homes.

In a household, based on statistics, the third chore with the highest percentage of water consumption is showering. In this case, it is important to utilize fixtures that will promote conservation. One of the ways to do so is by using thermostatic showerheads.


Requirements for Installing a Bidet

sincity_b1There are different types of bidets. The traditional one looks like a smaller toilet with a faucet and is usually placed beside the actual toilet. New toilet models have integrated bidet seats. Handheld bidets are also available for those with limited bathroom space. Another option for those with small bathrooms is the bidet seat which can be installed to replace an existing toilet seat. Whichever you choose among these types, bidets are there to help you clean up after using the toilet.


10 Plumbing Myths

sincity_mythsToday, there are lots of plumbing misconceptions that are floating around. These misconceptions or myths are being passed around from one homeowner to another as some sort of household type of wisdom. Although some of those myths are partially true and in some small way helpful, most of those myths can be very harmful and may cause severe damage to your plumbing system.

Here are 10 modern plumbing myths and the truth behind them, to help you gain valuable knowledge about the proper maintenance of your plumbing system and save you from the possible cost of having it repaired in the future.