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Celebrities Who Were Once a Plumber

People take it for granted, but the truth is, plumbing is an important trade. An American community’s water system would be unimaginable without plumbers. From small pipes in houses and buildings to the biggest pipes that provide water to the community, the services of plumbers are of utmost importance especially when problems arise.

However, there are plumbers who do not want to stay in this profession forever. For whatever reason, they may have they consider shifting to other professions.

Below are some famous people in America who at one time in their lives worked as a plumber.

The Evolution of Plumbing-Sin city Plumbing

The Evolution of Plumbing

Plumbing has immensely evolved throughout the years. It originated during the ancient civilizations of the Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Indians, and Persians. Those civilizations created public baths; wastewater removal and potable water had to be provided for larger populations.

The ancient cultures predated modern plumbing with the utilization of basic pipes that had conveyed water to public baths. Romans utilized inscriptions on lead pipes to prevent water theft. Meanwhile, standard earthen pipes with broad flanges had been used with asphalt to prevent leaks in the Indus Valley Civilization’s urban settlements by around 2700 BCE.

4 Tips on Passing Health Inspections Your Business, by Las Vegas Plumbers - Sin City Plumbing

4 Tips on Passing Health Inspections Your Business

Every business needs to prove that they can be trusted by their customers in everything, including in ensuring that they are keeping high standards when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation. As part of regulatory requirements, health inspectors visit business establishments in order to check whether businesses are keeping themselves at par with the health standards that have been set by the community and the government.

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Top 5 Plumbing Tips for This Fall

Even in ancient times, plumbing has been a crucial part of daily life. It’s gotten far since then – people now enjoy hot and cold water whenever they please. The mechanics and engineering behind plumbing are pretty basic, but every now and then, problems do arise – and when they do, the house can be messy (and flooded, in worse cases) if not solved. Prompt action is important to avoid dealing with bigger damages.

Here are five helpful plumbing tips to remember during this fall season:


7 Necessary Tools for Commercial Plumbing

All commercial and business establishments require plumbing, which means that every now and then there are plumbing issues such as clogged toilets or sinks, leaky pipes or faucets, and so on. The first instinct is to call for a plumber, but the truth is that many of these can be fixed with the use of basic tools. A janitor or an in-house maintenance crew should be able to handle such problems.

Here are seven plumbing tools that should always be in the toolbox:

Family Happy vs. Big Corporations

Family Businesses vs. Big Corporations

A business that is owned by a family enjoys having an unprecedented good reputation. Customers look at that business as something that the family values dearly. It is regarded by customers as an integral part of the family’s legacy.

The good reputation of a family-owned business shoots up if it is also run by the family. It is one thing when family members own stakes in a business but have hired other people to run it. Family members holding key positions in a business shows that the business is truly an extension of a functional and harmonious family. 

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6 Key Areas to Maintain in a Commercial Property

If you own a commercial property, then you know that the property has much heavier traffic than a residential area. The plumbing needs of a commercial property vary based on the property size and usage. Restaurants, hospitals, clubs, etc. will have constant water usage. It also depends on your location. Las Vegas attracts millions of tourists each year which means there is heavy traffic at most commercial areas. This means that plumbing must be properly maintained at all times as a plumbing issue can cause serious damage to the property or harm to the patrons.